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This is a collection of some of my past works, but not all.  It is hard to appreciate the sizes of some of them because the photos were taken up close to show detail and there is nothing to refer to for comparison.

George A. Custer, original for sale at The Custer Battlefield Trading Post.

Sitting Bull, original owned by the Soaring Eagle, home for Cheyenne elders in Ashland, MT.

Cheyenne chief Little Wolf original at The Soaring Eagle Heritage Home for the Cheyenne Elders in Ashland, MT. (Father Emmett Hoffmann)

Cheyenne chief Morning Star original at The Soaring Eagle Heritage Home for the Cheyenne elders in Ashland, MT. (Father Emmett Hoffmann)

Crow chief Medicine Crow, garndfather of Crow tribal historian, Joseph Medicine Crow.

Cheyenne girl, "Annie."

Crow scout winter dress

Single indian....Cheyenne or Lakota Can be viewed at the Bighorn County Public Library in Hardin, MT.

Alleged portrait of Crazy Horse made for Putt Thompson, Custer Battlefield Trading Post.

Cheyenne chief Laban Little Wolf owned by Dr. Alkarim Jina, San Francisco.

Crow warrior Deaf Bull, owned by and on display at Texas Roadhouse, Billings, MT.

Portrait of Hunkpapa Chief Sitting Bull, owned by Dr. Robert Martinex in Laredo, TX.

Northern Cheyenne woman, Iron Teeth, in front of the Fort Robinson Barracks, Fort Robinson Nebraska. Commissioned by the Fort Robinson Outbreak Committee, Lame Deer, MT.

Jonathan's great grandfather, Jerome Beartusk, Sr. portrait done from photo from Indian boarding school photo, Carlisle, PA.

Abstract of Cheyenne chief, Wolf Robe.

Minneconju warrior, Scorched Lightning, owned by Rob Greer, CPA San Dimas, CA

Cheyenne reenactors, Jordan Bearcomesout and Emily Walksalong. Original in enrollment office in the Littlewolf capitol building, Lame Deer, MT.

Abstract portrait of Northern Cheyenne woman, Black Belly.

Original photo of Father Emmett Hoffmann and Cheyenne chief, Charles Sitting Man taken 1960. Charles Sitting Man gave Father Emmett his Cheyenne Name, Soaring Eagle....

Portrait of Father Emmett and Charles Sitting Man in my van.

A closer shot of Father Emmett and Charles Sitting Man.

Father Emmett Hoffmann and his best friend, Harold Fisher.

Making of Cristiano Ronaldo for CURB Media, London, UK.

A portrait in the making....

Finished piece unframed....

Jesus portrait with Single Indian face, commissioned by the Bighorn County Memmorial Hospital in Hardin, MT for their new chapel.

Have a Coke and a banana.....

CURB logo....(

Cheyenne Warrior, Red Arm Panther, being created...Original for sale at Deck The Walls Gallery in Rimrock Mall, Billings, MT.

Texas Roadhouse logo commissioned by John Socha, Texas Roadhouse, Billings, MT.

Bob Marley- SOLAR pyrography, solar art commission for Andrew and Maria Falls Down.

Red Arm Panther/ Red Sleeve almost finished

Bob, close up.

Work in progress of (Our Father) Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan, founder of the UAE.

Work in progress of Crow medicine woman, Pretty Shield, commision for artist, Lou Probst.

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan

My agent in London, Anthony Ganjou (CURB Media) holding a logo I burned for CURB.

Another CURB Media (London, UK) logo.

Element Six Media, (Minneapolis, MN) logo.

CURB Media (London, UK) logo burned out on the street for a crowd in Jamaica Queens, NY.